Obama, Clinton – Media Hush on Rush Getting GOPers to Vote for Hill

Not Just Blowing Smoke

Limbaugh_smokePerhaps Republicans Followed Right Wing Talkers’ Pleas to Vote for Clinton. While the corporate media shadowing each of the candidates has been leaving no stone unturned when it comes to asking questions, however little attention has been given to what appears to be overwhelmingly disproportionate voting in many Texas counties. Open primaries leave the door ajar for strategies that can be misleading and the gorilla in the room is how could so many counties report NO Republican votes while reporting record Democratic votes?

Texas Caucus Results Support Right Wing Bump Theory

It appears that the Texas caucuses are yielding far different results than the open primary, which on the surface would suggest that the Clinton campaign is beholden to the GOP for her Primary victory Tuesday night. It would be reasonable to expect that in a general election, the bump would revert back to the Republican contender John McCain.

The corporate media has been very slow to provide details or a cogent assembly of the facts and the reality of what is apparently a very successful strategy for the GOP. Republicans are actually controlling the Democratic theme, because Democrats are so divided.

Radio talkers on both sides of the great divide, have received a lot of anecdotal informationthom_harmann regarding Republican Voters chosing to vote on the Democratic side during the primary, as well as Fox News, reporting over 1200 emails from GOP voters claiming they voted for Hillary – and that as two days ago according to radio-talker Thom Hartmann during today’s broadcast, as he played clips from a Fox News broadcast that he appeared earlier this week.

An Obama Victory Would End Some Democratic Franchises

New Dems want a fresh start, fresh face and fresh chance. Old timers can’t collect pay-backs and decades of quid pro quo from fresh faces and reform in the party. In many respects, an Obama victory very likely means the end of some political power for the very mature Democratic network. We’re not suggesting corruption, but we do suggest that many Democrats are supporting Hillary because of their vested interest in party affairs, not necessarily for the best candidate.

Obama Likely to Take Press Hits Through the Weekend

obama planeThey’re upset with him. He told them in so many words that they should do their job. What about vetting Hillary Clinton. Much of the corporate press was terribly insulted by his brusqueness during a recent flight, clips of which have been widely circulating. In fact, some of the Corporate media elites have implied he’ll pay the piper over the weekend when they hammer him for losing his smile and patience when they just wanted answers. Fair enough, generally speaking, but they have been asking the dumbest questions imaginable. How about those Hillary Clinton Tax Returns ??


GOP Walks Out on the People’s House – That Loud Noise You Hear is the Shifting of Centrists Toward the Left

We Don’t Have to Follow the Rules

Today in the Nation’s Capitol, the Republican Representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives chose to walk out on the deliberations instead of being caught by C-Span, or quoted by reporters as having argued that the rule of law does not apply to the White House. It may not sound pretty… but that’s what they did. They just weren’t going to be caught in a vote that could likely have ramifications and it was clear that the marching orders came from the top. To be clear, the vote that caused the controversial ‘Bullion Man March’ was in retribution for the Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to move forward with approving  immunity provisions for telecoms in the FISA bill, and rather permitting the current law to expire.

Of course the gamesmanship begins with a flurry since the expiration does not provide any challenges to the current procedure or National Security – but it does postpone  and remove the certainty that the President is going to be getting what he wanted and that is – immunity.    (The Almost Daily Binx apologizes for  mis-stating that the Walk-Out was regarding  contempt charges  for Harriet Meirs and Josh Bolten for disregarding Congressional Subpoenas)

Harmful to Republican Support

It is the Opinion of The Almost Daily Binx, that today’s stunt is more revealing than shocking. It is a cowardly rebuke of political responsibility and a mass refusal to act on behalf of the American people to insult us with this childish act. After more than a decade of Republican majority rule in the Congress it has become painfully obvious that the Republican Party has been taken over by a huge special interest group that does not pay homage to rule-of-law, but rather rule of roost. This is sad day for Republicans that are not part of the grab bag ‘ole boy’ network of corportists and royalists that have presided over the deconstruction of the American dream. We hope the Royalist walkers took time to pass the War Memorial, the Veteran’s Administration and maybe dropped a few coins in poor boxes at local religious haunts.

The Center – (The Less Committed)

Without question the less committed groups of voters are watching these enormous tactical errors. If the Democrats can avoid the temptation to mess things up by complicating the simplicity of the moment – this will go down in history as an utter act of cowardice among Republicans to go on the record. It is as good as telling the American public that they and theirs are above the law.

Retroactive Immunity – Job One

It is clear that the Republican leadership has been tasked by the Administration and its supporters; such as Justice Scalia (recent very public and repeated attempts to distance torture, or use thereof, from the Constitution) and Sen. John McCain -(who stated in the most simple terms last year that water-boarding is torture -yet he disgracefully nodded to the extreme ‘right’ by voting against the torture ban bill.)

This is a clear message to the non-committed voter that immunity from wrong-doing is job-one among the current Republican leadership. This the refusal to accept the end of one party dominance over our political system, even though to do so is causing the GOP to lose favor with even the most historically partisan Republicans ‘down the street.’ They have been tasked, to be sure, that there is no potential for criminality of any of the administrations actions to be established – in fact – that’s why the term retroactive immunity has been the buzz word. Any bills that have been on the drawing board by the Senate that didn’t include complete immunity have been stalled because this is the single most important political detail the GOP is focused on right now. Unfortunately they have a number of Democratic collaborators as well. Steny Hoyer comes to mind immediately. There’s a reason that he isn’t in the middle of any confrontations – nearly invisible – unless there’s a band, rubber chicken and a fund-raiser.

The Good News

Here’s one for the silver lining enthusiasts. Apparently, the Dems have largely mastered snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – but – if they are wiser (for a change) they will forgo the mandatory retaliation and strictly stay on point. That is to say – keep Ron Emmanuel from shooting off his mouth – only give pertinent and meaningful news conferences. Any sane Republicans that remain should do the same thing. This barbaric politburo style will be out of fashion the moment the Bush administration starts heading for the range – and we may even enter a new age of government that starts to trend towards ‘for, of and by the people.’