The Right Continues to Get It Wrong

by V.A. Caminiti, The Almost Daily Binx
US Senator James Inhofe - R-OK

US Senator James Inhofe - R-OK

Enough Inhofe

Don’t believe for second that the criticism launched by Sen. Inhofe while standing on foreign soil against sitting US President Barack Obama was an gaffe.  However, consider it not only an act of enormous un-American tenor; but also revealing of the desperation and reckless mindset of the humanoid debris still remaining in the US Congress.  It was a breath-taking display of disrespect for Americans by another of the  Rush Limbaugh suck-up Pol-stitutes.

These despicable acts are not acts of free-speech.  Free-speech is protected under our Constitution.  These are acts, that anyone with modicum of civics understands, are historically treasonous in and at another time were punishable by extreme methods.

Even an apology shouldn’t preclude the citizens of Oklahoma calling for ‘Senator-for-Hire’ Inhofe to cease representing them in the US Senate.  This the man that helped dismantle the US Interior Department and assisted in converting it to a petroleum company lobbying lounge for the Bush Administration.  A grossly uninformed zealot that joked about the climate change on the floor of the Senate and is quoted numerous times at odds with what is customarily considered sanity.

Hannity – Insanity

Sean Hannity - Fox Info-tainer

Sean Hannity - Fox Info-tainer

As though they needed cheerleaders, Inhofe and his ilk have a line up of unsavory characters that have come from the Roger Ailes school of  ‘Rile-the-Mouth-Breathers’ which is championed by the likes of Sean Hannity.  His rantings on radio and television are the mating call of terminally mis-informed.  Routinely, and I say this with all due deference and whatever respect is possible, he lies.  Not little fibby lies.  Huge lies.  His latest was probably the source of Inhofe’s anti-American tirade, by claiming that President Obama had decimated the military budget, when in fact the military budget in the new administration’s work with Sec’y Gates, increases military spending by4%.

By simply omitting the facts and replacing with figments of their imagination, Inhofe and buddy Hannity are able to get the knuckle draggers who listen to them to begin objecting.  And, as anyone who understands disruption messaging – that’s all the want.  You understand, right?  This is a marketing practice and propaganda tool – not random mistakes or gaffes.  It’s all connected to the same thing that Eric Cantor is implementing on the floor of the House of Representatives.  Disruption to serve the Party. Sound kind of Orwellian ?  It is.

It doesn’t matter if Inhofe or Hannity are your relatives. It certainly doesn’t matter to Newt Gingrich’s sister who has routinely called him out for his purposeful lies routinely.  These are not good guys.  They are hired guns of the Right – the extreme right.


GOP Offensive Language : Destroying the American Image at Home and Abroad

-San Jose, CA – The Almost Daily Binx – by Binx101

Jack Kingston (R-GA): An example of the cancer rotting GOP

Jack Kingston epitomizes many citizen’s worst nightmares about our government. That being, that it is infiltrated by essentially unproductive irritants that treat our government and leaders in the opposing party, as enemies of our country. We, at The Almost Daily Binx, opine that Jack Kingston represents the low of politics. A Tom Delay styled smiling joke-ster that repeats platitudes and follows the orders of his political bosses with the precision of a blindly faithful village idiot.

Of late, his Billy Cunningham styled repeating of Barack Obama’s middle name is not onlyRep. Jack Kingston - R-GA offensive to Obama supporters, but rather points to another ideology of the Republican Party that offers offense to anything Muslim, or even Middle Eastern. It is offensive, un-American and by any standard, pure bigotry. The lapel pin controversy that this career liar has perpetrated is another example of his blind faith in following the orders of his party bosses who sent him out like human mine-sweeper. Of course, he’s ambitious and evil enough to jump at the chance.

Islamo-Facism ?

Not only an incredibly inappropriate term, but how did these freedom eating zealots get away with insulting one of the world’s most prominent religions? Well, they didn’t. It’s not only George Bush and his White House, but his eager, willing and dim-witted accomplices such as Kingston and scores of others, that have routinely insulted other nations, other religions and lauded the invasion of a Sovereign Nation and presiding over the deaths of untold tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, the displacement of millions of surviving Iraqis and the creation of the largest terrorist condition that this planet has ever known. Imagine of we condemned TV Evangelists because Pat Robertson has routinely spoken in a most un-Christian manner. Imagine -Christo-Facist? Bapto-Facists? Biblo-facists?

The list is endless of Republican counterparts that words are carried by C-Span all over the world. Vile words, insulting to Ally Governments and Enemies -without distinction. With a strong push to limit the Democratic upsurge in the next election cycle, the Republicans have stepped up their offensive language. It’s as offensive to at least half of the American population as it is to the world.

We’ve listened to McCain assert that those opposing the Iraq Occupation are cowards; regularly hear speeches where Dick Cheney simply makes stuff up, and the President of the United States actually unaware of the serious situation with the economy, insisting that we are not in a recession – as though his will were enough to make it so. But all these comments are punctuated with Islamist, Islamo, Islamish – or any other nearly unpronounceable prefix for terrorism, facism, extremism and killersism. It has gotten so awful that friends of The Almost Daily Binx have reported canceling business trips because they fear our Government has put every American at unnecessarily increased risk. They’ve also pitted Americans against Americans and created a dichotomy in the country that is unprecedented, unproductive and openly vicious.

GOP Will Suffer if McCain, Romney or Huckabee Represent the Brand

Truly, there’s no hope for the GOP in its present form. Many Republicans that we’ve been flagnotrepubtalking to have openly expressed that the GOP has no appeal to them any longer. It essentially started with Gingrich’s conflation of history and ideology. Tom Delay was an anomaly that has most career politicians unwilling to talk. Where do guys like Chuck Hagel go? How about Olympia Snowe? Reasonable politicians that didn’t subscribe to the extremist views of the insurrection that performed the coup in the GOP. They’ll get their party back, when the Jack Kingstons, the Peter Kings, the Norm Colemans, the Ted Stevens, the James Inhofes and Mitch McConnells are gone to start. This is only a partial list – but they certainly have their work cut out for them. Apparently, the panic is starting to spread – be on the lookout for very drastic measures from the GOP.