John McCain: “… I Don’t Care What Anybody Says!”

25 Mar 08, San Jose, CA, The Almost Daily Binx, by Binx101

NEO CON Talking Points

” …lacks in statesmanship he compensates with a frightening loyalty …”


… And my Democrat opponents who want to pull out of Iraq refuse to understand what’s being said and what’s happening _ and that is the central battleground is Iraq in this struggle against radical Islamic extremism,” said John McCain;  just as the US Death Toll in Iraq passed the 4,000 dead mark.

Indeed, John McCain is one tough talking hombre – and that is precisely what his supporters want to hear him say.  What he lacks in statesmanship he compensates with a225px-william_kristol.jpg frightening loyalty to a “Stay-the-Course” credo adopted by the Bush administration in the worst management of our Nation’s affairs in World History.  Just ask William Krystol, the Neo Con man about town, that has been very Right, but not correct on any political observation since he was dubbed “Dan Quayle’s Brain.”

Continuously pushing the Islamic extremist line in an effort to garner support from his ilk of American, John McCain further drives world opinion  as the antithesis of America’s former greatness.  He may be even less “statesman-like” than George W. Bush, if that’s at all possible.

We’re Succeeding in Iraq?

“… world peace … seeing the United States as a haven for mentally deranged leaders … dark ages.”


This leaves little doubt that John McCain has taken the loyalty oath to the NEO CON empire.  Some of the American public desperate to prove that the U.S. invasion of  Iraq  was actually a response to the pleas of Iraqis to topple the dictator Saddam Hussein; this continuous eroding acid rain of misinformation has crept into the American understanding and pockets of U.S. citizens actually have adopted the propoganda in the same manner as McCain, in order to assuage the terrible guilt.

The kind of terrible guilt that drives unconscionable blindness to inhumane conditions that our Nation has actually produced in the Nation, dispossessing tens of thousands of otherwise peaceful Iraqi Jews, Christians and Muslims.  A haunting of the reality that the United States’ antagonistic meddling in the region has done little to aid a peace process since the end of World War II and much to keep the pot boiling.

Our first step towards world peace will be when the rest of the world stops seeing the United States as a haven for mentally deranged leaders with the potential of plunging the marionette.jpgbalance of the globe into the dark ages.

John McCain is just another stage character in the political puppet cast that Americans have been buying as legitimate leadership, instead of the political theatrical farce it has become.


John McCain: Liar, Lunatic or Lamprey

20 Mar 08, San Jose, CA; The Almost Daily Binx; by Binx101

McCain Conflates Insurgents and Al Quaeda

In a stunning series of misstatements, lapses in reality or purposeful conflation of competing violent forces, John McCain has been regularly misinforming anyone who will lmccaintux.jpgisten, about the facts on the ground in Iraq.  Simply stated – he just makes stuff up.  Chaperoned by Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman, McCain repeatedly has been making misstatements about actual facts to the amazement of his detractors and the chagrin of his supporters for nearly four years since he first hugged George Bush, made up with Jerry Falwell and broke loaves with Pat Robertson. However, his penchant for malapropism and his unique and somewhat disconnected style has seemed to heighten since he accepted the endorsement of the Catholic hating and Race baiting porcine preacher, Pastor John Hagee.

Neo Con Broadcast Flotilla: Search and Rescue

The Ultra-conservative story telling newsies have been exercising their free speech with Naval precision and have created a gale force wind to power what appears to a right wing spokes-model regatta in order to elevate the diminutive McCain to honorary Admiral of regatta.jpgthe Neo Con Navy.

The corporate news media has given him so much coverage on his recent trip to Iraq, Israel and the UK, that we at The Almost Daily Binx have deduced that this was a campaign strategy that actually permitted McCain to use public funds in order to keep him in the news while the Democratic slugfest gets uglier.  All in all, not a bad strategy, playing by the rules.  Kudo’s for McCain’s ingenious use of life-support.

The Sucking Fish

That’s how a lamprey feeds.  It’s known as the sucking fish.  Some don’t even think that the jawless creature should even should be considered, in a traditional  sense, a true fish.   We feel the same way about lamprey.jpgJohn McCain.  He’s not actually a people’s candidate, he’s more like the candidate that is most likely to continue the policies and prop up the protagonists of the current Supreme Court appointed President.

We think he’s very much the land version of this distinct fish.  His recent reversal on torture was without question a lamprey defining moment.  His recent series of … untruths … about the devastation in Iraq, and his callous disregard for life in the region and his expressionless recital of invertabrate William Krystol’s talking points is further evidence of a fish that isn’t really a fish.

The King of Iraq: “… Good to be back …”

-17 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx1o1

The King’s New Clothes and Old Advisers

 “… Financial  Adviser – Haleeb Ehrton …”

austincheney1.jpgCompleting a meeting with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, His Highness King Pin, father of modern Iraq, described delight in what he views as ‘phenomenal’ changes and ‘dramatic improvements in security.  Then, without assistance, he walked among the people while he quietly spoke in tongues to a higher power.   The King also conferred with his Chief Financial Adviser – Haleeb Ehrton and his Chief War Adviser  Balak Wutah.  “So, so very good to be back”  He was greeted by throngs of US Military who immediately covered him in Kevlar warming attire so he wouldn’t be chilled.


 Joined by Beltway Magi

“… and Prince Olderndirt …”

The King’s visit was preceded by a completely coincidental visit to the area of his threestooges1.jpg adopted sons, all Princes, otherwise known as the Beltway Magi. Prince Indy, Prince Hokey, and Prince Olderndirt have come home in order to buy photographs, or sell photographs or some type of opportunity having to do with photography.  Reports remain unclear.

King Pin says, “Heckuva Job”

“… he could hardly recognize the place …”

Security measures were elevated and current violence reduced ‘5 bombs-a-day’ to ‘0 bombs-a-day’ in the Green Zone in honor of the King’s visit and the super-surprise visit of the 71 year old Prince Olderndirt, looking over investments that he expects to be viable for the next 100 years. Hokey and Indie are visiting in order to buy rugs.

King Pin, also known in the West simply as – Dick – commended the contractors and military alike for their bravery and hard work.  Fox News reported him saying he could hardly recognize the place.  A sentiment most often expressed by native Iraqis on a regular basis.

John McCain: Owned by the NeoCon Empire

15 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – by Binx101

McCain Town Hall Meeting – Set Ups

“… Strawman dialogue currently under development at NeoCon hate laboratories …”

The NeoCon extreme right is going to start with their own version of  the ‘Kitchen Sink’. mccain-passing-the-buck.jpg For example – John McCain’s meeting in Pennsylvania  – fears that al Qaeda or another extremist group might attempt spectacular attacks in Iraq to try to tilt the U.S. election against him.  This was in response to an obviously planted question in Springfield, PA, regarding whether or not McCain is concerned about foriegn extremists helping get Democrats elected in the US.  Yes… read it again …. that’s what we wrote.

American’s better get used to this type of new Strawman dialogue currently under development at NeoCon hate laboratories all over the US.  This is only the beginning.  We haven’t even gotten to the actual contest … this is just the warm-ups.

McCain – Unfit for Presidency

“A combat pilot and a descendant of a long line of distinguished Naval heroes notwithstanding, we think John McCain is demonstrably unfit to be President.”

John McCain vociferously contested US use of torture, but then, as if out of the blue, changed his tune and voted against the torture ban.  Why?

The answer isn’t complicated at all.  In fact, its very simple.  John McCain has written in his own memoir and has been endlessly quoted about his personal experience, having broken warningmccain.jpgunder torture.  But alas, he’s also been very clear in repeated statements that torture does not work.  Okay then, which is it?

Our vote is that McCain is Mad.  Not Mad as in angry, not Mad as in Mad Magazine … no were thinking of  Mad as  in the Tin Foil Hat denomination. He’s a man of extremes.  Black or White.  ON or OFF.  Hot or Cold. Angry or Smiling. And subject to change his mind at the drop of hat, but more likely at the drop of check or endorsement.

We should be very afraid of a McCain presidency.  If one thinks that George W. Bush was the perfect front man for NeoCon masters – he’s a total amateur next to this genuine war survivor – who has actually done the things that Bush imagines he’s done himself.  He’s been in command.  A combat pilot and a descendant of a long line of distinguished Naval heroes notwithstanding, we think John McCain is demonstrably unfit to be President.

He’s changed his opinions with reckless abandon.  Can you imagine anything more clearly representative of dementia than John McCain, a tortured prisonerjm.jpg of war,  reversing himself and embracing torture as a viable tool of Democracy.  We can’t.  Further, we think its the big tip-off that the man has gone totally mad.

We’re not fooled by set-up Town Hall questions or an enthusiastic group of Neanderthals that think that we should occupy Iraq for the next 100 years.  Sorry – thanks for your service – but with all due respect – take a seat.

When China Wakes – Silence Contracts for Olympians

The British Olympics Association requests contracts to be signed, agreeing to silence on human rights issues in CNN Story.   Some exhibit outrage at the prospect of respecting the host country and the conspiracy of participating countries -not to start a revolution while they are there for week.  I respectfully disagree with the objections.

This is an interesting dilemma for both Olympians and activists, but not without potential solutions. The contract doesn’t prevent discussion of human rights observations after the games. It doesn’t abridge anyones civil rights – since they have none other than those of an invited guest.

Regardless of the motives – the contract is an agreement to act as respectful guests but it doesn’t ask them to ignore their observations. Nothing would prevent them from detailing and reporting their experiences in a mass media extravaganza, or, in the most thoughtful and meaningful manner. After watching what the United States pulled on Russia, with Ronald Reagan delivering his best dramatic performance – “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Well while the talking heads were cheering Reagan – many of us, who had worked very diligently in creating multiple channels of commercial and international cooperation as a result of Glasnost and then Perestroika thought that a stupidity epidemic had befallen Washington DC. This was a con job to tip Russia into a revolution. Nicely done too. The mob took over goods and services, the US propped up the leading druggie-alcoholic crime boss as its leader (just like … never mind) and then lauded Ronald Reagan for his great wisdom.

Wisdom ??? He didn’t have a clue as to what his handlers had in mind nor the effect. I’m not even going to hint at the effect on Germany when it inherited a vast welfare state. Sean Hannity and his peanut gallery would require CPR if they understood what a great deal of the world thought of Ronald Reagan’s pulling the rug out from underneath Gorby. The threat of Russia getting stronger in world markets and being an influence through capitalism was too much to handle so …

Frankly, after traveling the world for a great deal of my adult life – the last thing that I would want to see is uninformed individuals reacting to political and human rights issues without the benefit of knowledge or considerable thought on the matter. We should leave that to the corporate media.

China already saw this movie. There are many human rights reforms taking place across Southern China right now. It will take time. We (the USA)don’t even have the human rights stuff perfected very well – but heck … let’s impose our will. Sorry – I don’t buy it. I also know very well that we undermine the actual human rights activists when we permit reckless and feckless intervention.

Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn co-authored a well researched and finely writen book on the subject – particularly to those of us who live with feet in other worlds.

There are deplorable conditions in China, there is archaic local rule by war-lords and civic minded mobsters. It won’t change over night. Certainly though, I’m not sure that Nations that have invaded a Sovereign Iraq, presided over the deaths of 100’s of thousands of people and the created millions of refugees, imprisoned – without even regard to the due process of the Magna Carta – protect lawless mercenaries and still have regions with laws that prohibit the inter-marrying of Black and White … should be the one’s to bring ‘freedom’ to China.

I most assuredly hope that the US will yield to the requests of  China and require the same thing of USA Olympians.  They can have at it on talk-radio when they return.

IRAQ War Over – No Further Discussion Required

Did you notice ?  No one’s talking about Iraq.  Oh there are a couple of tid-bits here and there, but its just not on the tongues of pols or newsies right now.  American men an women are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan every week … and we’re not talking about it.  Why should we ??  We have Super Tuesday to talk about, how about that John McCain – and don’t forget that Mitt Romney has quit so as not to further hurt the Nation by yielding to Islamo-Terroristc-Jihadi-Banafana-fo-Fahdi – ists.

No mention anywhere about American men and women dying in Iraq.  Not from the pundits, not from the talking hairdos in front of green-screens, not from columnists, no where on the corporate media outlets of any significance.

Angelina Jolie got some coverage because she’s Angelina, but her mission is an important one- one no talks about.  Iraqi refugees.  The press is miffed because she won’t play with them.  The press so hates celebrities that won’t be celebrities.  Angelina is certainly no Britney.  Now there’s a play-ah!

Take a look at the AP word on  deaths in Iraq.  You’ll also find a link for Afghanistan.  So when they say a percentage died of hostile action – what?  The others died of old age ?   No not quite – but a glimpse at how ill prepared and un-serviceable many of our military assets are will start to clear up the picture.  Aircraft falling out of the sky, trucks breaking down or malfunctioning resulting in death.  Unsafe working conditions in non-combat areas … and then of course there’s the actual fighting that none of the corporate newsies want to talk about.

What are you going to talk about ??