Obama to Take Texas and Ohio – Prediction

4 Mar 08, San Jose, CA – The Almost Daily Binx – by Binx101


The Almost Daily Binx is predicting that Obama will succeed in both Texas and Ohio. It is our opinion that the Clinton advisers have encouraged Hillary to go-for-broke in an unprecedented series of politically dangerous attacks on Obama. This signals us, that Clinton, very experienced in political demeanor and consequence – has agreed to push all right now – or there is no point in continuing, despite the encouragement of up-surges etc… from Clinton stats.

We strongly believe that information from the corporate media is less reporting and more wishful thinking, in order to prolong the ‘news’ cash cow. Joseph C. Wilson, former US Diplomat, has been hammering away in a series of very unflattering and very disturbing rhetoric about Obama. While he’s free to do so, he has thrown huge doubt on his critical thinking or usefulness in the future to the Democratic party. For the most part, his attacks have been pure conjecture and opinion, supported by … contorted facts. We’re very disappointed in his style – not his choice – but his vicious, less than honest style, and his willingness to do so.

Needless to say, we will be very surprised, regardless of the damage the Clinton advisers are willing to do to the Party, that this will amount to a successful strategy. On the surface, it seems very simple – a meaningful popularity contest.

Who do you want to be the voice of the United States of America for the next 4 and possibly 8 years?

Who do you think is capable of building a better team?

Who do you feel is more likely to move us to a less polarized environment in the legislature?

Who do you think is likely to mobilize the youth of our country?

Who do you think is likely to deliver a Democratic victory over John McCain and the panicking Republican Industrial Complex?

We found that when people were asked these questions in a random poll – the answers were overwhelmingly favoring Obama. There a no public stats for our poll, it was not scientifically sound, nor was it conducted on land-line telephones.


Joseph C. Wilson – The Audicity of Cope – Pimping for Hillary

First, to be clear from the onset, I personally believe Joe Wilson to be a fine American patriot that has served his country exceedingly well in the diplomatic corps and as public servant. Distinguished in his service to President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton, he has my personal thanks and respect. He is also a respected businessman with a successful consulting concern. How then, irrespective of his political views, is it possible that he would have penned such an inappropriate and disingenuous article hammering Obama with unsupported inuendo and baseless assertions ??

How, after coping with the unprecedented attack on his wife, Valerie Plame and the complicity, if not criminal activity, of the current Presidential Administration; could he in good conscience write an article with his choice of tenor and timbre??

<Read Wilson Article Here>

Wilson says, “… Battle Tested.

Sorry, this doesn’t compute. Because Hillary Clinton has been through the mill because of Mr. Clinton, Gov. Clinton, Candidate Clinton, President Clinton and Former President Clinton – she’s Battle Tested?? She may most assuredly have the patience of Mother Theresa, but her battle for Health-care was a bomb! That was her declared Battle. She not only lost the battle – but Bill Clinton assisted Newt Gingrinch (by his inability to prevent the Nation from being dragged into his domestic infidelity) in beating the pants off Hillary in the process. Her stamina to take a beating is noteworthy and maybe in fact as important and effective as her ‘smarts.’ However – that isn’t Battle Tested.

Battle Tested Hillary – No Show on FISA Vote
Battle Tested but she doesn’t show up for the big vote on immunity for Telecoms?

Battle Tested but she uses John McCain “straight talk” tactics by avoiding issues?

BattleTested but she purposely mischaracterises MSNBC’s David Shuster’s use of the euphemistic ‘Pimped-out’? – -Then actually ‘Pimps-out’ Chelsea to garner super-delegate votes!!

Just because someone is in the heart of controversy, doesn’t mean they’re Battle Tested lest hubris replaces intellect and one starts hanging banners that read “Mission Accomplished”

Tell the Truth Joe
You couldn’t believe anything that you wrote about Obama. For that matter, you didn’t really mean the stuff you wrote about Hillary either, did you? You just became a political operative and thought you would help Hillary after the big meeting yesterday calling for help from everyone and everywhere because Obama fervor is extremely threatening to the Clinton’s future.

Those were silly cheap shots about Obama – McCain exchanges and the folks that asked you to put your name on your ‘alleged’ article wrote it poorly and not truthfully.  The Hans Blix reference, likewise leads to utter double talk by the time one gets to the end of the paragraph.  And then of course there is the gratuitous comment about Democrats that have betrayed the public trust twisted in a way that completely erases the fact that many Democrats have been legislating from the fetal position, including Hillary.

Come on Joe, don’t you feel proud when you see Obama, naturally dignified and looking just like a president ?? Don’t you get excited like in the days when we were younger and ideals…well… you know … ideals like expecting the office of the President to protect the identity of a covert intelligence operator seemed the least one could expect.

Joe Wilson Should Support Whomever he Choses

Hey, she may not be my choice, I’m not official on anyone yet … but I’m not writing articles asserting false messages about Hillary Clinton. Joe Wilson doesn’t have to answer to me or anyone about his choices – but we do expect him to remain relevant and honest. He’s smart enough and experienced enough to not let political vigorish move him into this ugly breakwater. He’s one of those that would be better off just saying he’s supporting Hillary Clinton because he thinks she’s best – not trying to hammer Obama. Next thing you know he’ll be sipping prune juice and vodka with Cheney and Novak.

Ambassador Wilson:

That was the dumbest article you’ve ever written. I hope you are as ashamed of it as I am confused by your inability to articulate support for Hillary without making false and unsupported assertions. You know more about unsupported false assertions than most. Leave the politics to the snakes and prosper as a business developer. You’re an American Hero – please don’t act like Crazy Uncle Nunzio and talk trash. It doesn’t become you and you didn’t do it very well. Anyone who has read your meaningful Op-Eds and articles can recognize a forgery when they see it. Shame on you !