George Bush – John McCain : The ‘Kevin James’ of Politicians

-The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose California; by Binx101

Bush Badmouths American Political Rivals While on Foreign Soil

“… Bush read the words with little evidence in his eyes that he actually had any comprehension of their meaning …”

As astounding as it may be, disgraceful President George Bush has taken the Kevin James approach to a foreign country and thus is moving into unprecedented lower approval ratings than Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate disgrace hearings. Not only was it frustrating to listen to him struggle with his native tongue, but to further use the 60th Anniversary of Israel, as a platform to issue criticism of American political rivals, speaks volumes to this feckless puppet leader’s contempt for dignity and his abysmally poor judgment.  Reading speeches that appear to be penned by Neocon political assassins, Bush mouthed the words with little evidence in his eyes that he actually had any comprehension of their meaning; often tipped off by his inconsistent facial expressions that seem oddly misplaced.

McCain – More Time Traveling

“… in another time traveling experience had previously criticized the Bush Administration for not sitting down and talking with Hamas …”

The echo chorus from career lobbyist, Sen. John “Loop Hole” McCain was no surprise, yet in stark contrast to one of his previously flipped positions.  That is to say,  McCain tripped over his own contradictory position while rushing to capitalize on Bush’s, somewhat treasonous blunder.  Clearly trying to legitimate his Obama / Hamas comments – “Loop Hole” began nodding in assent at any opportunities yesterday and today to hammer Obama.  While still unclear if he began doing it again today because he forgot he addressed it yesterday – staffers have purportedly been helping the struggling ‘time traveler’ with the actual facts.  Not unlike fellow neocon water carrier, Kevin James, McCain is always willing to volunteer a resounding opinion, irrespective of whether he has any clue of the subject matter; providing he can work in some anti-Obama sentiment.  The record however shows that McCain, in another time traveling experience had previously criticized the Bush administration for not sitting down and talking with Hamas, among other rival governments in the Middle East.

Dana Perino – Carries the Torch Back Home

“… she glared at the Press Corps with Kevin James eyes.”

In a typical press conference, that seem more like a ‘smirk-offs’ these days, Dana Perino, with shrugged shoulders and incredulous gesturing, tried to convince the American press that Bush’s disgusting words, suggesting the some Americans were akin to Nazi appeasers, specifically should be understood to exclude Barack Obama.  As though offering this piece of illogic was not enough, she went on to accuse those criticizing the President’s offensive remarks, as the politicizers of record, as she glared at the Press Corps with Kevin James eyes.

Developing story …..

Reports that Kevin James was coaching Lauren Caitlin Upton in preparation of the Miss USA TEEN competition.


KRLA’s Kevin James : The Anatomy of Idiocy – UPDATED

-San Jose California, The Almost Daily Binx; by Binx101,


This story is brief, because the subject of this story,  Kevin James the quintessential idiot, reveals his essence immediately – out of the gate.  A neocon’s nightmare come true, this ranting imbecile becomes almost uncommunicative and backs himself into a corner by having a conversation with two relatively smart guys, while quoting the Nation’s leading idiot – George Bush.  Additionally, he is deranged.

There is a video below.

Secondly, let’s eliminate any confusion about Kevin James.

It’s not this one:  He’s a successful and funny comedian with a syndicated TV Show under his belt.

Here’s the second rate neocon from LA with less brains than a mailbox and more hate than a junkyard dog

Anatomy 1-2-3

Step One: Accept a Booking to Provide Commentary to Boost Your Ratings

What a mistake if you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Apparently, Mr. James only talks … and has no ability to listen or reason.  He is the absolute epitome of a neocon information puppet.  He opens with a repetitious and unkind tirade about Barack Obama – surprise !!

Step Two:  Lose Your Mind and Keep Talking

It’s incredible, as though he didn’t even understand English.  If this were not live television it would have seemed as though it were a spoof.  He was without self-control and apparently not in possession of a GED from a correspondence school.

Step Three:  Continue to talk over the host

And, continue to prove that you  and the person that hired you should be fired together.  Make sure by the time you’re finished … everyone knows that you are a paid propagandist so that they can begin boycotting KRLA and it’s sponsors.  We are.

Enjoy video by clicking  HERE. Video will open in new window.

Click Here for a different video of Chris Matthews Interview on Countdown Guest Hosted by Rachel Maddow – Fri Night – discussing his views on the greater cause of what occurred on his show with James.


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