Democrats Unite : Rachel Maddow’s Points to Ponder

Talking Heads Disagree with Rachel Maddow at MSNBC – We Don’t

“… at the very least, those stones may be very useful in a battle with the ideologues.”

Everyone saw the stats last night … everyone sees the talking heads drawing up battle plans for next barrage of info-tainment.  While the math is omnipresent, Maddow persisted that Clinton’s game is not over yet.  We think it’s wise to consider her position. There are 3 major points to consider:

  1. Clinton Campaign, significant personal debt to Clinton  – While 5 Million sounds like a drop in the bucket for Hillary – it truly isn’t.  Just start moving the decimal points to place that you feel comfortble with and tell us if you still don’t consider the amount worthy of protecting.  Any thoughts of this being inconsequential are simply ludicrous.  It is noteworthy that most Americans can’t conceive themselves earning that amount of money no less making decisions about that sum.  Nonetheless, its a real issue for Clinton for a number of reasons – not the least of which, is Hillary’s ability to raise money in NY for re-election to the Senate, should that door remain open.
  2. Dropping out to appease party powers is nice talk, but is it politically sound. There are still areas of the Country that haven’t voted yet – does the process now impose Super-delegates before the fact?? What would happen if Barack Obama lost to Hillary Clinton in remaining states – wouldn’t that be a tool for Republicans to further capitalize on divisions in the Democratic Party ??
  3. Should Clinton by forced to drop out further disenfranchising her supporters? We think deals have to be struck and politics at the precinct level needs to be considered. Hillary deciding and being forced by political rainmakers are to entirely different political constellations.  Campaign tactics aside, Hillary Clinton commands a significant political machine and while she has never been our preference, her significant position was crafted with many different stones, and at the very least, those stones may be very useful in a battle with the ideologues.

Battles Ahead with Sinister Forces – Complacency is Deadly


“… into the darkness that the Bush Administration has tricked our Nation into believing is the “good life.”

Remember those ideologues that the Democratic Party is fighting are the ones that hijacked and transformed the Republican Party into a shameful ‘corporatism’ machine that would have impassioned Benito Mussolini to lie prostrate in majesty.  These are truly sinister forces that have gutted our Justice Department; infiltrated administrative departments that have been generally apolitical, into campaign adjuncts.  The State Department has been headed by a political appointee with no diplomatic experience, that further alienated the bulk of the professional diplomatic corps and forced them to chose sides or chose career change.

So while we’re tuning in our TV sets or talking up politics, keep in mind that this battle has just begun.  Let’s treat our embattled with respect and as quickly as we can – prove – that we have learned from history and put the party differences as secondary to our goal.  Secondary to our collective passion for “feel good.”  Secondary to any personal umbrage we may feel for any of the candidates.  We need to move forward with enough momentum to prevent any further backslide into the darkness that the Bush Administration has tricked our Nation into believing is the “good life.”

Maddow was Making a Plea for Propriety

Oringal Political Artwork Courtesy of Stephen Pitt.“… happy-meal of par-boiled platitudes …”

As we could see last night, Maddow was trying to explain the potential mindsets and considerations ahead for the Democratic contenders.  While no one on the set shared her perspective, we feel it was an important one.  We feel it was that of a critical thinker considering the options, alternatives and cause and effect of decisions from this point forward – without the benefit of a large screen display – but by using considerable vision and perception in understanding the sensitivities that motivate the political paradigm.

While she’s relative newcomer to the scene we think she offers a valuable distraction from the happy-meal of par-boiled platitudes and re-statement  that is delivered by the millionaire club of info-tainers (some former journalists.)  We’re very impressed.

(Original Political Artwork in this article are courtesy of Stephen Pitt – Light to Dark – Link Here)


Barack, Hillary and the Ugly America the Press Loves

-13 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA, by Binx101

Ferraro, Wright and Wrong (And Crazy Uncle Nunzio)


 “… she’s handling her embarrassment in a profoundly unflattering way…”

Geraldine Ferraro shot off her mouth, whether contextually correct or incorrect, she has to account for her words.  Whether that means she gets more speaking engagments or less club dates at the AEI Speakers Bureau, we can’t say.  But we can say that any press is gferraro.jpggood press if you talk for a buck, and among other things – she does.  All of her comments were said in broad daylight – not on a dark muddy country road.

We don’t agree with her sentiment or her insistence that she’s being unduly targeted.  that she’s handling her embarrassment in a profoundly unflattering way is her own doing and product of her personality.  She’s decided to defend her awkward and very obscure metaphor instead of simply saying – I meant no offense and didn’t really express myself the way one would expect a ‘Paid Professional Speaker.  Anyone that thinks Geraldine Ferraro deserves to called a racist is way off.  That here words could be considered racist and offensive is another matter.  Politics, her dangerous profession of choice, provided the venue for misunderstanding.  We think she should have known better and simply sit down and take a brief time out.  She’s now a liability to all Americans because her words are being broadcast all over the world as Ugly America.


“… the headline is actually uglier than the story…”

Reverend Wright also talks for a buck – so to speak.  You can call it a lot of things, and one can give all the money away – but talking for a buck is still talking for a buck.  Brian Ross’s ABC Investigative Team “uncovered” this story from broad daylight.   Rev. Wright echoed partly the sentiments of over 60% of Americans.  CNN is covering , FOX will do their thing, as will the NYT, Wall Street Journal and anything else that will turn a buck. Bloomberg will be in there and then Time and Newsweek will bat clean-up. Sure, the headline that ABC used were infact his words, but so were Marc Antony’s when he said “Brutus is an honorable man.wright”  We think it was already controversial and risky that he opted to preach with a profound negative.  Nonetheless, it was his decision.

What is more disturbing is that the headline is actually uglier than the story – and that’s what puts the pizzazz, the smack, the sizzle in the story.  Our guess is that Brian Ross had nothing to do with the title.  The story itself is very fair – but the editor or editors that selected the title -that’s how you get news profits.  Nonetheless, the Reverend needs to take a lesson from the ‘Ferraro v. Ego’ bout and just take a time out.  Is it possible?  We don’t know. What we do know is that Democrats – single handedly, have just handed the Bloated Right Wing Hate machine enough material for the next month of broadcasts.  C’est la D!


“… Olbermann did one of those overreactions last night … “

We think that the continous overreaction is fruitless.  Sure, someone says something olbermann.jpgagainst our ‘choice’ and we’re all noise and shaking fists. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann did one of those overreactions last night on his broadcast at ‘Countdown.’   At the risk of annoying the Olbermann fans – his commentary was pure nonsense and further support of the corporate media’s love affair with the Bloodsport of Politics.   It just jumps into the game as defined by the opposition.  This hyper-emotional display in place of intellectual analysis and reasoned discourse is submission to the business of hate – not enlightenment.

This is not a discussion about the shredding of the American Constitution, this is one of the Freedoms of the American Constitution – a free election with all it’s strengths and weaknesses.  This is not about the coup of our White House and the leaders selling the furniture to foreign governments – this is about Americans trying to get to the White House to take back our government.  Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are going to be the Democratic nominee for President.  We think you should keep that in mind and not drag either of them down the rabbit hole.  The fight is ugly enough.

Crazy Uncle Nunzio on Keith Olbermann

“… you lose your perspective and become a meaninglsess brawler !”

“Hey Olbermann, you’re a smart kid – Bring back the intellectual commentary please? Rise above the smoke an tell us what’s happening … don’t roll up your sleeves and start swinging with the rest of them – you lose your perspective and become a meaninglsess brawler !  There’s plenty of volunteers for that game.”

Uncle Nunzio knows.  He’s a big fan.  He catches all your grammatical errors, malapropisms and loves the way you want to be an intellectual newsman.

He says, “Being a newsman means more than just using a line from Edward R. Morrow!  You’ve got to lose that expression on your face like your mother made you eat the brussells sprouts.  Then get that feeling out of your gut.”  He continued, ” You can give your opinion without a tantrum.  You’re playing their game – not yours.   Play your game.  Keep at it kid !”

Chris Matthews Pitches No Hitter – Obama Supporter Texas State Senator Kirk Watson Strikes Out

While we are often very critical of Chris Matthews uncomfortable broadcasts – he presided over a lesson in Politics 101 last night after the Texas hosted Clinton-Obama debate. Kirk Watson, State-Senator (D) Texas – suffered his own Alamo last night.

It was actually refreshing to watch this lesson in politics – and should be a lesson for all the flag wavers, including me, to remember that opinions aren’t facts – facts aren’t opinions. We need to be informed and conversant in the issues in order to be relevant. Kirk Watson will never make that mistake again.

Curiously, at first I was getting riled at Matthews for being unnecessarily harsh, but actually, based on my most recent complaints – Matthews was doing the Matthews stuff that made me enjoy hm in the first place – before he banged his head. It was a lesson that may potentially be the most important reminder that popularity by itself is not not enough.

Watson, to his credit, has taken his beating in style. In an unusually revealing and self deprecating way, he has admitted that his lack of preparation caused the gaffe and hasn’t even slightly suggested that he was treated unfairly. We tip our hat at Watson for admitting his error in preparation. (See Sen. Watson’s Website -Here)

Bravo Matthews for doing what you used to do so well – and Bravo Sen. Watson for taking it the hard but truthful way.

Bush: “I Don’t Agree with That!”

Say what you want about GWB, but if one can deliver that kind of believable sentiment to an inconceivable argument- he’s got choices for his next career. Among them; teaching method acting, or possibly, Professor of trickle-down economics at family friend Pat Robertson’s Regent University, as the Milton Friedman Chair.

Take the challenge – next time you have the date and time of a Presidential interview, plan on visiting your local TV retailer, and bring your Video camera. Do what it takes to insure that all the TV’s are tuned to the proper station – then aim your camera and begin filming the onlookers with the audio track of the president recording clearly. Watch the faces of the crowd react to our President as he actually makes things up. Just makes them up. There’s no need for ‘My Pet Goat’ or ‘Treasure Island.’ No need for references to actual fact. The setting is whatever comes to mind, and with an unusual halting style of speaking, our President begins to … well actually … he makes things up.

The Democrats are unmistakable. They are in their usual pose, just shaking their heads as though witnessing a small child misbehaving at the mall with his mother close-by chatting idly on her cell phone. Then of course, the middle of the roaders, you know the uncommitted, otherwise known as ‘I’ll leave it to the others and vote the way my car pool suggests’. They can be spotted with a constant flinching of the shoulders and widening of the eyes as they begin to realize that our President is apparently out of his mind. But the best is to watch our Republican friends. You know, that good friend that has always been a Republican, so about 7 years ago you decided that you just wouldn’t talk politics and harm the friendship. Remember how he started not to be so Republican after watching Sean Hannity spout disturbing commentary outside Terry Schiavo’s nursing home room – and GWB didn’t land on a FEMA aircraft carrier bringing relief and ‘Mission Accomplished’ to Katrina victims. And now, there he is, shifting uncomfortably on the balls of feet watching the television considering that Al Gore and John Kerry couldn’t be this dumb if they were in a persistent vegetative state.

The Congressional Republicans can be found, immediately thereafter, swearing to its (latest comments of the President) context or relevance. They line up in groups of four or five, looking much like little reenactments of Mt. Rushmore with podium and microphone. Often it appears they’re going to sing a barbershop number. They usually mention the White House, but rarely the President by name. Earlier today, NBC’s Ann Curry interview with Bush was aired. The President stated that he didn’t agree that the economy was adversely affected by the war in Iraq. Rather, his opinion was it was because “they” built too many houses.

Now here’s the absurdity in that Crawford switcheroo (no offense to the fine folks of Crawford except for the President) There is no war in Iraq. There never was one. There was bombing, and then their was submission to an invading force. Now there’s terrorism that was directly caused by the invasion, that was caused by a purposeful lie, that was caused by the man that was asked the question about the economy. A man who could likely face criminal charges and would easily be impeached ( if not removed from office) if it were not for the fact that many of our leaders find the cure to be more harmful than the disease. It is painful to describe the President of my country as a disease, yet cathartic.

The debt associated with the Iraq invasion is directly impacting our long bonds and the underpinning of our debt funded economy. We’ve mortgaged our Purple Mountains Majesty around the globe in order to not completely tank right now. Our President thinks we’re a corporation that can be bailed out by finding more dopes to buy our debt in a sellers market. And this is all while allegedly sober. Heaven’s knows this ole boy must have been a riot when he was ‘a usin’an abusin.’ The Larry the Cable Guy of Presidents.

Now of course the comments about the housing market – dripping with ignorance and deserving of a Three Stooges styled dope slap and kick in the seat of the pants. The reason, of course, that “they” built so many houses was because of the predatory lending practices that this Republican led Administration has championed and few Democrats and most Republicans supported. Not to mention the sucker punch with the change in the bankruptcy laws and how that affects recent property owners. But, alas, its so much easier to say – “they” built too many houses while NBC’s Ms. Curry, ‘hmmmed’ audibly pretending the President’s infuriating and disjointed assessment was an actual answer that had substance instead of symptomatic of mental illness that doesn’t even have a name.

This would be so much fun if it were fiction.

Election Results – Okay – But the Commentary Doesn’t Make Any Sense

binx101-1282.jpgWhat are they talking about ?? I’m actually still sitting watching some of the primary results from our comfortable home in Northern California, yet I’m whisked away into a rabbit hole as I listen to the commentary. Chris Matthews: “It seems that the debates impact the trend lines ?” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave as if on a rotisserie, rebuking his creation Sherlock Holmes, as the cosmos is filled with the myth shattering frankness of Matthews’ observation. And this is only an hors d’eouvre. The main course is a work of fiction without a plot. Only two voices in the entire broadcast speak with some meaningful observation – Rachel Maddow and Tom Brokaw. The only two that don’t seem as though they are auditioning for an announcer spot at the Kentucky Derby. The only two that spoke about strategy and weren’t interested in the polling numbers versus the actual primary results or projected winners. The only two that didn’t look like they were measuring each word based on stage directions.

Then there’s ‘apparent projected winner’ – versus – ‘projected winner.’ This, obviously drummed up by the legal team at Rockefeller Center. Wait there’s more. Matthews: “Senator McCaskill, what does it mean to you that Senator Obama is the ‘Projected,’ sorry, ‘Apparent Projected Winner’ in Missouri. <uncomfortable pause> McCaskill: “Er … ah … it means that Senator Obama is doing as we expected <uncomfortable shifting on heels>. Keith Olbermann: “Senator, is their any apparent reason, any question, any concern that Senator Obama is ready for the job of President of the United States on day one?” Clinton campaign associate director also sharing the interview jumps in and says “Hillary is ready day one. ” I’m checking to make sure that I haven’t nodded off and dreamed some of this dialog. No such luck. McCaskill works hard to not scratch her head and responds with anything that would prevent her from looking at the camera while shaking her head in amazement.

I’m not sure what they are talking about. Super-duper-Tuesday, now a television event seems to be the only driving force.

Hold it, Chuck Todd, NBC political director actually shows a little math and rationale about the delegate count. Now at least this is a little bit encouraging, since this is all about the Super Delegates if the race is split in the manner it seems on the Democratic side. Never mind – Howard Fineman is now on the screen speculating and it’s having the effect of a sedative. Just more silly words like the one’s I’m writing now. What happened to Todd, he was making sense.
From the looks of things, Matthews’ has been exorcised by the NBC brass and isn’t spitting all over the microphone, but he does seem to be playing Lou Costello to Olbermann’s Bud Abbott.

I don’t know – Third Base.

Hold the phone – CNN – they are actually showing the results and what it means in terms of delegates and what it could mean at the convention. Uh-oh, Larry King is chiming in … that’s okay … they have Larry, we have crazy Uncle Nunzio. At least Larry wears pants.

Fox – well … now at least they sound like fiction. It’s apparent they’re just talking. The clue was using the term – ‘McCain’s surge’. That’s just wrong for so many reasons. I need to go to bed. Apologies tomorrow.