Hillary Clinton : Defeating Herself

April 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – by Binx101

Praise God and Pass the Ammunition

“… the Senator’s insinuations that she is an avid church-goer and gun enthusiast …”

In a most disturbing series of gaffes, misspeaks and political malapropisms, Hillary Clinton has managed to turn Pennsylvania on its (Gov. Ed Rendell endorsed) head.  But perhaps most disturbing is her dismissal of a question as “ … not a relevant question in this debate … ” when she was queried as to the last time she shot a gun or went to church.   However, what sparked the questions were the Senator’s insinuations that she is an avid church-goer and gun enthusiast, in strong contrast to her position before attempting the presidential run; in addition to her reputation of being a devout Secularist.  By her own admission Hillary hasn’t attended any Church service since Easter.  However, in a CBN interview last year she spoke about her Christian faith <here> with David Brody.

The Bitter Truth About The Bitter Truth

“... she did not disclose this information until she posted her transcript …”

Hillary Clinton was quick to pull out the stops and as though talking to children, she explained why Barack proved he isn’t fit to be President because of his much touted ‘adult straight talk’ earlier this month.  By the end of the last news cycle, Hillary has once again over-played a weak hand.  This was not the lasting impression she had hoped for as she challenged Barack Obama’s awkwardly worded assertions spoken at a private fund-raiser in Northern CA.

These elements were pivotal in the matter:

  1. The fund-raiser that Obama addressed at a private home in San Francisco was not a media event; and, his comments were in response to a question about the devastation in PA.  While the comments were awkwardly worded and are undoubtedly not his best effort for clarity – there is no evidence either in context or demeanor that suggested there was anything but compassion for the people of whom he was speaking.
  2. There was no reasonable expectation that the private function would be recorded – nor – was there any opportunity given Sen. Obama to amplify his comments, but rather, Mayhill Fowler, a paid subscriber to the private fund-raiser and enthusiastic ‘Citizen Reporter’ taped the event and posted the story at Huffington Post found <here>.
  3. Obama, responded days later with these comments in Terra Haute, IN.
  4. Clinton, continued to imply that Obama’s comments were proof that he is not in touch with the real people in Pennsylvania and proceeded to succumb to a crowd encouraging her to have a shot and beer at a bar in Philadelphia.

New Democrats Threaten to Overpower Clinton’s PA Machine

“… everything she does is calculated for a response …”

It would not be surprising to see Obama split PA, or worse for Clinton, for Obama to actually exceed her draw of the crowd for the primary.  None of this would have even been possible without Hillary Clinton’s assistance.  She is quite possibly the most polarizing figure in national politics.  It may simply be the chemistry of her personality, or her distinctive facial expressions and mannerisms, her incredibly faulty memory or simply her biorhythms and general timing. Nonetheless, we chose to observe that everything she does is calculated for a response and she’s always willing to tell people what they want to hear.  We also submit that is precisely how we got where we are today, that is to say, by failing to trust the American people to be part of the solution other than just going to the polls.

McCain and Clinton – Talking in Circles

“… America’s versions of Baghdad Bob – Sen. Joe Liebermann / William Krystol.”

With all due respect (and not an iota more) to the friendly Senators, their recent attempts to paint Obama as not in touch with the American people is more evidence that the Republican Party will do anything possible to NOT have to run McCain against Obama.  Against Hillary, they are confident … against Obama … hopeless.

In further evidence is the unveiling of the latest smear from the Right.  such as William Krystol’s suggestion that Obama is a Marxist <link here>,  and associated comments by America’s own Baghdad Bob – Sen. Joe Liebermann, that it is okay to ask Obama about any Marxist analogies that Krystol has manufactured.

But nothing is more incredible than to listen to the endless and robust Neo Conservative Spin Machine in action from the Fox News Bunker to the rotund Limbaugh broadcasting on “Party Propoganda Radio” lending as much support to Hillary as possible in order to achieve the a McCain / Clinton race.  Insiders have reported that Hillary Clinton and her team are well aware of the efforts to the Right and are willing participants – with one exception – Team Clinton believes she will ultimately emerge victorious despite trends. Instead, we’ll just observe PA for the time being but we are expecting another premature cry of victory – as the final result of the Texas Primary and Caucus revealed. <end>


John McCain: Liar, Lunatic or Lamprey

20 Mar 08, San Jose, CA; The Almost Daily Binx; by Binx101

McCain Conflates Insurgents and Al Quaeda

In a stunning series of misstatements, lapses in reality or purposeful conflation of competing violent forces, John McCain has been regularly misinforming anyone who will lmccaintux.jpgisten, about the facts on the ground in Iraq.  Simply stated – he just makes stuff up.  Chaperoned by Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman, McCain repeatedly has been making misstatements about actual facts to the amazement of his detractors and the chagrin of his supporters for nearly four years since he first hugged George Bush, made up with Jerry Falwell and broke loaves with Pat Robertson. However, his penchant for malapropism and his unique and somewhat disconnected style has seemed to heighten since he accepted the endorsement of the Catholic hating and Race baiting porcine preacher, Pastor John Hagee.

Neo Con Broadcast Flotilla: Search and Rescue

The Ultra-conservative story telling newsies have been exercising their free speech with Naval precision and have created a gale force wind to power what appears to a right wing spokes-model regatta in order to elevate the diminutive McCain to honorary Admiral of regatta.jpgthe Neo Con Navy.

The corporate news media has given him so much coverage on his recent trip to Iraq, Israel and the UK, that we at The Almost Daily Binx have deduced that this was a campaign strategy that actually permitted McCain to use public funds in order to keep him in the news while the Democratic slugfest gets uglier.  All in all, not a bad strategy, playing by the rules.  Kudo’s for McCain’s ingenious use of life-support.

The Sucking Fish

That’s how a lamprey feeds.  It’s known as the sucking fish.  Some don’t even think that the jawless creature should even should be considered, in a traditional  sense, a true fish.   We feel the same way about lamprey.jpgJohn McCain.  He’s not actually a people’s candidate, he’s more like the candidate that is most likely to continue the policies and prop up the protagonists of the current Supreme Court appointed President.

We think he’s very much the land version of this distinct fish.  His recent reversal on torture was without question a lamprey defining moment.  His recent series of … untruths … about the devastation in Iraq, and his callous disregard for life in the region and his expressionless recital of invertabrate William Krystol’s talking points is further evidence of a fish that isn’t really a fish.