John McCain Diagnosis : PTD – Puppet Tendon Disorder

28 April 2008, The Almost Daiy Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

” … it doesn’t seem that he actually believes the words he speaks.”

There’s no question in any reasonable person’s mind, that there is something wrong with John McCain.  Not just wrong in the sense that he has an empty vagueness in his eyes.  There are number of reasons for that including sleep deprivation and constant traveling.  Private corporate jets may have certain advantages but constant travel is still no picnic.  Circumvention of Senate and Election rules with respect to improperly reporting his rides on wife Cindy’s plane notwithstanding – the pace is tough for Senator John “Loop-Hole” McCain and we think he deserves the benefit of the doubt.  That is to explain the emptiness in his eyes.

As for the emptiness in his words, we suggest that his puppeteers have been trying to change his lines at a pace that is not commensurate with his ability to incorporate them in a worn series of platitudes and talking points.  When he says that Barack Obama doesn’t understand the poor -because he’s opposed to paying them off for a 2 month suspended federal gas tax –

But for that matter did Howdy Doody actually understand the words of Buffalo Bob ???

Did Kukla, Fran and Ollie actually have an equal understanding of the dialogue ???

Isn’t it safe to believe that Jerry Mahoney and Knuckle-head Smith did not necessarily understand the words that Paul Winchell provided their wooden lips???

It truly seems as though John McCain doesn’t believe the words he speaks.  Perhaps, it would be more precise to say that it seems he doesn’t understand the words he appears to mouth.  We all saw Independent Joe Liebermann feeding him and correcting him on the talking points in Iraq.  We’ve heard him confuse Shia and Sunni, while clearly not understanding the intricacies of dozens of other violent special interests in the area.  And we’ve listened to him when he flies-by-wire and “my friends” his staff is all nail biting and rocking horses until he stops talking, scrambling to write explanations for his latest gaffes.

The Rapport of the Puppet and Master

“… he’s never had to buy health insurance. “

We submit that the problem is not necessarily John McCain, but perhaps a division in the people that pull the strings and feed the lines.

Certainly, John McCain can’t claim to have a better working knowledge of the poor than the former inner-city activist Obama ? If one factors in the Budweiser Beer Demographics available to him (“Loop-Hole”), we think even in an Ashcroft type semi-coma, McCain couldn’t possibly suggest a leg up on the downtrodden data ??

While certainly he (“Loop-Hole”) can speak volumes on Government provided health-care (John McCain has never had a job other than to work for government and have his salary paid for by taxpayers. While he has received millions of dollars from lobbyists, corporations and special interests, he has never worked in the private sector) he’s never had to buy health insurance.  He’s never, been poor.  He’s always been the pasty white son of an Admiral, later adopting a cowboy nick-name.

So why the odd behavior? 

Why the illogical arguments?

What caused the shift in talking point details?

We believe this will be answered in the current weeks when the press focuses on the shifts in the powersbehind the curtain.  The entangled web of strings that control movements of the campaign. The sudden shift into policies ostensibly designed to distract the eletorate from the actual inconsistencies of John “Loop-Hole” McCains record.  A record of more about-faces than a typical Navy Drill Team practice.  If only it were tendonitis.  We don’t fear John McCain – but we are very suspicious of the origin of the puppeteers that operate him.


Why The Democratic Race is Good for America

5 April 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose CA; by Binx101

Campaigns Preview the Future

“… politicians have … acquiesced to the pleas of their children or youthful constituency and are enthusiastically supporting Obama …”

Conceivably, the American electorate (and the world), is receiving more detailed information about the candidate and prospective opposing candidates than any previous U.S. Presidential contest in World history.  Much of the information is factual, including anecdotal evidence subject to interpretation, and a significant portion is commentary, not unlike this blog.  Some of the commentary is genuine, some is cleverly veiled marketing collateral and some is frustrated and blatant vitriol.  The form has been the same for as long as mankind has been walking upright, but by sheer volume – political scientists 100 years from now may deem the shift in delivery and number of information paths, including the conversational venues provided by the Internet, as a significant improvement or a confounding impediment to traditional politics.

Currently, only a clinically delusional patriot would consider that Hillary Clinton or John McCain are competitive to Obama in his masterful communication style and skill; and moreover, the finely tuned political machinery that he has inspired from essentially grass roots seedlings.  His campaign’s ability to communicate using the Internet network of supporters, if nothing else, indicates that he has a more youthful, intellectual and dynamically connected base.  As we have seen in repeated examples, children of voting age and younger have begun to influence their parentage in supporting Obama.  More than a handful of Nationally visible elected politicians have expressed they acquiesced to the pleas of their children or youthful constituency and are enthusiastically supporting Obama.

How Does One Use The Google on the Internets?

“… her Internet debut was a broadband resounding ‘thud’…”

Both McCain and Clinton, seemed to have approached the Internet and associated technologies as some ‘new fangled fad’ in contrast to  Obama’s campaign’s adept use of technology as a key tool in order to raise money, increase visibility and promote unity among his supporters.  Considering that the youngest of our adults and their future children will bear a considerable burden from the feckless leadership of Republicans, the intrusive will of a skewed Judiciary and its appointment of a political puppet to the presidency;  it is more important than ever that they (the youngest of our adult electorate) take great heed in their choice for the next President of our economically challenged, globally scorned and socially damaged United States of America.

Hillary wanted to have the great conversation – except – she isn’t a particularly good listener – and may even be a worse public speaker.  Her adoption of finger pointing is reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever and her speaking cadence is uninspiring, if not aurally disturbing.  The continuous head-nodding is more reflective of equine behavior rather than an indication that she is listening and is ultimately amateurish at best.  Her campaigning quips and spoken word are just short of torture and obliterate any message she may have – her comedic timing is unnatural – and her anecdotes are unskillfully delivered.  This may be in great contrast to her intellect and intentions, but her sophomoric communication skills are challenging, beyond political differences.  Likewise her Internet debut was a broadband resounding ‘thud’ and seemed more like it was using the Internet as little television sets.  There was no conversation, but rather a premiering of popular issues of the next campaign stop as perceived by her advance team.

Is this a Foyer or a Lobby?

“… because the party leadership needed a stooge …”

John McCain – just short of referring to the ‘Internets’ doesn’t exhibit that he actually has a clue about much of anything Internet.  Not unlike Hillary Clinton’s team,  the McCain campaign is replete with a complement of lobbyists that have a direct connection to recent activity, including the DOD’s selection of a European based Boeing competitor as the next recipient of a Billions of US Dollars in order to build the next version of the flying tanker. The scant amount of young people that seem to support McCain appear to telegraph involuntary servitude as opposed to the enthusiasm that typifies political campaigns.  The more mature supporters in concert with McCain are easily confused with the Washington Mutual television ads that feature a group of senior citizens in dire need of a nap.

It is inconceivable that any young adult, with unrestricted access to their own conscience, could support John McCain based on his record, his cantankerous demeanor or his battle with a consistent message.  His communication skills, while a shade more refined than Hillary Clinton,  can induce spontaneous narcolepsy. Mostly, they are continuous checklists of items, peppered with “my friends” and generally uninspiring platitudes.  We feel strongly that McCain doesn’t actually have a bland speaking style but rather has nothing to say.  When he does shoot from the hip, it appears the gun remains holstered and he fires at his foot – so – he more safely chooses to say nothing.  The press, unfairly criticized for not challenging McCain – hasn’t even done their warm-ups yet.  We predict he will begin planning a new career as a lobbyist before the actual November election.  He’s the Republican’s choice to pose as a legitimate candidate, because the party leadership needed a stooge, and the other candidates weren’t willing to take one for the team.

Will the Real Candidate Please Stand-up?


Hillary Clinton can’t leave the campaign trail or she’s finished politically forever because of all the investment that has been poured into her campaign through the NY Democratic machine as well as the Clinton turbine run by Bill.  She has to see it through – she can lose successfully – but if she quits, she’s toast. Which suggests why Bill Clinton is so determined and reckless.  We’re not suggesting that they aren’t generous people and good Democrats (whatever that means) but just think NAFTA and all the reinvention of the rationale and it paints a different picture of the vision of the Clinton brand.  Just think Health-care and how the conversation was converted into Insurance, not to mention the fact that Hillary was incapable of building a team to support her in the White House basement trying to solve the health-care problem because she rejected open discussion.  And then top that with a term right out of the Bush-Cheney playbook – POVERTY CZAR ?

“… unimportant to a man …. acknowledges that he’s the Republican Party shill ….”

John McCain, with his supercilious speech in front of the motel where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered, seemed more like a spoof than a reality.  A non-apology apology that was not only sleep inducing but nauseating in its saccharine incredulity. How it wasn’t met with the crowd abandoning him mid-platitude to get Carmel Macchiatos at Starbucks suggests to a reasonable mind that they were paid to sit there.  McCain has managed to turn the phrase “my friends” with his unique intonation, into a pejorative.  Not a uniting force, not a maverick, not a critical thinker – but rather one of the bag men for the Keating Five.  A man so detached from the crucial financial problems in our country that he waves Phil Gramm, one of the architects of the current sub-prime mortgage debacle as an economic adviser and co-chair of his campaign.  That’s not heroic, that’s idiotic – or – unimportant to a man who in doing so, acknowledges that he’s the Republican Party shill for the next election cycle.

We think Obama’s decision reflected a sober decision of an intellectual American President.

Barack Obama, while not without challenges, seems mostly plagued by his opponents arguing with themselves about his positions.  He has not made a habit of overreacting, although we are particularly disappointed that he accepted Samantha Powers’ resignation, albeit that may have been a more shrewd tactic than we understand. He has though, risen to every obstacle in an effective manner and his team has been very particular about timing and venue.  Even though Prof. Cornell West (whom we like very much) disagreed with Obama’s decision to avoid Memphis this past week, we believe it served to put the focus on the other two candidates lip-service and pandering and put the corporate media in a quandary over how to cover the events.  Mostly, it left them with little spin, because it was difficult to conceal the fact that Clinton and McCain came off looking almost foolish.  We think Obama’s decision reflected a sober decision of an intellectual American President.

We are confident that this extended race is, in fact, the best potential vetting process, and will ultimately result in a greater number of Americans being able to discern fact from fiction and participate in the healing of our critically ill Nation and elevate the American Spirit.

The King of Iraq: “… Good to be back …”

-17 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx1o1

The King’s New Clothes and Old Advisers

 “… Financial  Adviser – Haleeb Ehrton …”

austincheney1.jpgCompleting a meeting with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, His Highness King Pin, father of modern Iraq, described delight in what he views as ‘phenomenal’ changes and ‘dramatic improvements in security.  Then, without assistance, he walked among the people while he quietly spoke in tongues to a higher power.   The King also conferred with his Chief Financial Adviser – Haleeb Ehrton and his Chief War Adviser  Balak Wutah.  “So, so very good to be back”  He was greeted by throngs of US Military who immediately covered him in Kevlar warming attire so he wouldn’t be chilled.


 Joined by Beltway Magi

“… and Prince Olderndirt …”

The King’s visit was preceded by a completely coincidental visit to the area of his threestooges1.jpg adopted sons, all Princes, otherwise known as the Beltway Magi. Prince Indy, Prince Hokey, and Prince Olderndirt have come home in order to buy photographs, or sell photographs or some type of opportunity having to do with photography.  Reports remain unclear.

King Pin says, “Heckuva Job”

“… he could hardly recognize the place …”

Security measures were elevated and current violence reduced ‘5 bombs-a-day’ to ‘0 bombs-a-day’ in the Green Zone in honor of the King’s visit and the super-surprise visit of the 71 year old Prince Olderndirt, looking over investments that he expects to be viable for the next 100 years. Hokey and Indie are visiting in order to buy rugs.

King Pin, also known in the West simply as – Dick – commended the contractors and military alike for their bravery and hard work.  Fox News reported him saying he could hardly recognize the place.  A sentiment most often expressed by native Iraqis on a regular basis.

WestWave99 (A vociferous Ron Paul Supporter) responds.

Just for clarity – The Almost Daily Binx is non-partisan. Binx101 is, but not the Blog – we welcome our contributors and we’ll feature and discuss subjects with open minds. This is not a campaign stop for anyone. This, however, is as much about Ron Paul’s treatment as it is about the media that routinely mistreats him in order to influence what Milton Friedman described as, the ‘invisible arm of the market,’ albeit, in this case attached to the body politique. (WestWave99 is a contributor to The Almost Daily Binx)

The original comment to WestWave99 from Gary:
I’m not patronizing you when I say that Ron Paul’s comments about the inane silliness of the McCain-Romney on non-issues was one of the few points of reason and intelligence expressed. He also made salient arguments on other “real” issues and I was turned off by the way he was ignored and cut off by the moderator.
A voice crying in the wilderness with fundamental reason and wisdom, we just don’t listen, do we……..?

WestWave99 responds:

This was the only debate I didn’t watch. I did tape it, but after reading about the debate on-line, how he was marginalized, I haven’t been able to watch it. In 90 minutes, he got 5 questions and his answers were cut-off. I did see the clip of the debate of his answer to the question about McCain’s comment about 100 years on Iraq.
Check out what they did in the Tennessean today. Scroll down the page, and look at the newspaper coverage of the election. We’re down to only four GOP candidates, but the paper says there’s only three:
Never mind that when Paul spoke here, he rallied 1600+ Tennesseans. Never mind that you see signs everywhere for Paul and none for any other candidate. Never mind that Rand Paul has been all over TN campaigning for his Dad. Never mind that he is the only candidate with a campaign HQ.

As a Paul supporter who has followed all news coverage of the election, I’m not surprised about the last debate. Since the primaries started in Iowa, and then New Hampshire, there has been a media “black-out” of my hero, Ron Paul. No mention of taking 2nd in Nevada, no mention of winning first place at the Alabama state GOP convention by receiving 2/3rd’s of the delegate votes on the first ballot. No mention of second place at the Louisiana caucus despite having 500 Ron Paul votes illegally nullified by the state GOP party. Our delegates did in fact register before the deadline and yet were not counted. Had they been counted we would have taken first place. No mention of 2nd place at the Maine caucus on Saturday. Here’s a short article on the black-out, but there are many more:

The question is WHY?

And the answer to that is Ron Paul’s fundamental platform which challenges the stranglehold on our society by the war cartel, the banking cartel, the pharmaceutical/HMO cartel, and the media cartel, just to name a few.

The reality is that a vote for any other candidate, including Obama, is a vote for the status quo; big business subsidies, big government, more war, big taxes, big deficits, and big assaults on our constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Ron Paul Revolution is not about Ron Paul. Ron frequently makes this statement and his supporters concur. It’s an intellectual revolution. He’s been an educator for more than 30 years. And our bid for the White House is in reality an effort by his legions of fans to get Americans educated about the virtues of freedom, liberty, constitutionally constrained government, sound money, economic reform, personal responsibility, and shutting down the welfare/warfare state, before the collapse of our monetary system occurs. The national debt is nearly 10 trillion dollars. Bush is now preparing a 3 trillion budget to send to congress for 09′, and the democrats are clamoring to get elected and “roll out” their new national health care insurance plan. Who will pay for it? You and me. But bear in mind that we haven’t yet even funded the prescription drug benefit plan. No one wanted the Rx drug plan, not even the seniors. So why did congress pass it? Because it was “pay back time” to Big Pharma who contributed heavily to Bush’s campaign coffers in Y2K and 04′.

You might ask, What’s Going On Here? Why the fear mongering? Why the war mongering? Who’s in charge, calling the shots, controls Big Media, censors/filters the information flow, what’s their agenda & why?

I cannot answer all of those questions for you. But if you are inquisitive and find your curiosity piqued, read the book I gave you, and then learn more what my hero has to say,

That’s enough reading material for at least two years. There’s more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.