Obama Endorsed by Obama, Japan v. Clinton, Karl Rove, Limbaugh and FOX

-5 Mar 08, San Jose, CA The Almost Daily Binx, by Binx101

Obama, Japan Sounds-off – No Word from Aston Clinton

Nice story indeed. Obama, Japan residents have begun a distant support system rooting for Barack Obama -encouraged by his letter of thanks, representatives of the town have adopted the far-off political race as an item of unifying distinction – because of the popular candidates name.

No word from the residents Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England – on whether or not they are endorsing Hillary Clinton. In addition to its 13th Century architecture and the 19th Century gift of Anthony Hall by Lady de Rothschild Aston Clinton is known for Gravity Hill; a delightful optical illusion that gives one the impression that they are actually rolling backwards up hill. The sensation is experienced best by beginning from a dead stop and releasing the parking brake while one’s vehicle is in neutral. So not only is there a nominal similarity with the ‘Clinton’ campaign and Aston Clinton but perhaps a strategic similarity to illusion of Gravity Hill.

Rove Begins the Broadcast Day by Lying

No surprise that Fox News would have one of the world’s most recognized distorter of facts as a political analyst. During the morning broadcast of a news/talk program that seems more Mad TV spoof than ‘newsish’, he (Rove) began the day by misrepresenting Barack Obama’s words, just seconds after they were spoken. It was obvious that by either pre-agreement or natural selection – Karl Rove was not invited to speak directly to Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton during the interview.

Hillary Clinton and Her Fox Friends -or- Captain Queeg Goes To Mount Gushmore

It’s was very clear from the moment the interview began that this was going to be slightly challenging to get through without visions of the Democratic Party being the Fox and Republican pinata by the time a Democratic nominee is selected. It was a love-fest including the note that Karl Rove handed to one of the spokesmodels, punctuated with a “Thank you Karl” from Sen. Hillary Clinton. At this point the interview seemed to have transformed from Mad TV spoof to a an episode of the ‘Twilight Zone.’

Body language experts were consulted and Fox announced that their expert had determined that Hillary Clinton was in fact exuberant over her hat-trick wins last night. While still scraping egg off our face from our faulty predictions yesterday- we’re quite confident that Helen Keller could have determined that Hillary was exuberant.

Not to be left out of the mix – Rush Limbaugh’s recommendations to Republican voters that they vote for Hillary where possible, in the primary got some more cutesy soft-balls and a cheerful “Watch out what you wish for, Rush!” from Sen. Clinton.

Big Questions for Democrats

The big question is, will the Clinton machine preside over the destruction of the new developing Democratic party by continuing to leverage an enormous partnership with the party elite and ol’e boy network of favor brokers? Or, will they yield to the turbo-charged upstart from Illinois as he tries to wrangle the party reins into a unifying authority and support an enthusiastic movement that has attracted a significant ‘Under 30’ portion of the electorate? And how the Democratic leadership deal swith Florida and Michigan will play as big a part of many Democratic voters.


Hillary Campaign Fatal : Political Suicide Bombing – Blasts Obama Hope Message –

Call us cynical but it seems that Hillary Clinton’s advisers have and are doing a very poor job of interpreting feed-back or for that matter – keeping up with current events.  Last week’s rebuke of the Obama flyer challenging Hillary on issues (NAFTA to be specific) has been around for quite a while, in fact, long before the last debate.  It is difficult enough to complain about factual references to actual positions, but to recapture the moment weeks later, as though it was just discovered is a new low in strategy.  The lowest point though, may have been invoking the name of Karl Rove.  It seems this latest rant may in fact be the death rattle of the Clinton Campaign.

Two important considerations.  If the Campaign reaction was mere theater – the campaign advisers are terribly off-the-mark in distinguishing opportunities from quick-sand.  If, however, this rebuke of Obama’s flyer as direct challenge to candidate Clinton’s positions is because they just discovered it – then the noise we heard was the death rattle of an incompetent campaign.  In either case – Hillary in negative mode is not inspiring.  While she may be a very smart and good person – her tactics are desperate and reckless.  If this is an example of Hillary under fire – this is not a keeper for the resume.  Further, her campaign’s distribution of Obama receiving a gift of Kenyan garb, is not unlike pictures of a long list of US Presidents and Politicians traveling the world, wearing headdresses, kimonos, robes etc…   If this is the experience that Hillary Clinton wants to share with the US electorate – it seems we’ve had nearly 8 years of that kind of disingenuous and nefarious negative rumor manufacturing.

When Hillary Clinton, unusually energized by the sound of her own voice, began mocking the Obama movement – mischaracterizing the freshman Senators message of hope, volunteerism and the importance of commitment by citizens – she may have pulled the plug on her own campaign hopes.

Clinton’s position that Obama is feeding the public a fairy-tale deadly dangerous.  Her explanation that she knows how bad the special interests have a hold on Washington seemed to be rather resigning in her reluctance to rock the boat.  We think that Hillary’s choice will have resounding negative effects, immediately.   Not the least of which is the alienation of centrists by her mocking of those moved to action by Obama’s inspirational words.  The Clinton camp’s use of Fox News’ description of ‘lofty rhetoric’ may come back to bite.  Her latest rebuke was hardly recognizable as coming from the promoter of “It Takes a Village.

This divisive and combative approach of attacking strengths, as described by the corporate press – may make good reading – but not a good strategy when you don’t have willing accomplices in Government and the Press.